It was little over a month that our senior boy Yukon was rescued living outside in an extremely dangerous area on the south side of Chicago. 

Yukon was in a great deal of pain if you touched his tail, leg and paw and his injuries appeared to have originated from some sort of blunt force trauma. His paw was in such bad shape that if you applied pressure, blood and pus would come out from between his pads. He was miserable and needed emergency medical care. 

X-rays would go on to show that Yukon’s tail was broken but his leg was not. With hospitalization and strict crate rest, Yukon’s injuries were on the mend and he was on his way to recovery.

Well, after a little over a month in our care, we are so happy to announce that Yukon has found the perfect forever home to live out his twilight years.

He now lives in a wonderful suburb of Chicago with his brother Gibson, his parents and 4 college-age and teenage kids! Once at his new home, Yukon ran around his new big backyard and rolled in snow with a big smile on his face. This very special pup’s life will never be the same again… no more gunfire, no more loneliness no pain. He will live the rest of his days in a safe neighborhood with a family that loves him… the best was truly saved for last!

(Photo on the top left is from the night that he was saved.)