Imagine being at Animal Control and looking over to see Winston trembling through the bars of his cage in fear… With 80% of his teeth missing, Winston’s tongue was hanging out of his mouth and his remaining teeth were as brown as his fur. Estimated to be 10-15 years old, Winston was believed to be totally blind at the time. With the deafening barks of the other shelter dogs, Winston did not know what was going on or where he was. Needless to say, we left with him that day.

Once in our care, Winston immediately underwent extensive dental surgery. The condition of his mouth was so dire that the roots of 6 teeth were already abscessed. The abscessed roots were so severe that they almost fractured his jawbone. Winston was also diagnosed with severe cataracts but it was determined that he did have some vision. One more discovery was that Winston tested light positive for Lyme Disease. He has been started on Doxycycline and his medical team believes that he will be just fine.

Once through the worst of it, Winston was ready for adoption. Little did any of us know that the perfect home was waiting for him! Winston’s future mom was looking for a senior pup that needed a second chance. One that had been left behind and wanted nothing more than to be loved… for her, Winston was the one. When Winston met his future mom and brother, he walked right over and gave his mom a kiss on her hand. For him, she was the one. The rest is history. This beautiful family can now live happily ever after Winston can live out his twilight years with grace and dignity. TAF would thank to send out a big thank you to everyone that donated towards Winston’s extensive medical care. We honestly could not have done it without you. Most of all, TAF would like to thank The Moon Dog Farm for fostering Winston and taking such great care of him. As always, you really did us a solid.