On February 6th, TAF received a call about an abused dog that was near death and needed emergency medical care.

Waters was suffering from frostbite, starvation, severe dehydration, pressure sores on his hips, pancreatitis, infestation of parasites, anemia, fever, advanced muscle atrophy and a secondary skin infection.

During Waters’ six weeks of hospitalization, it was touch and go at times and Waters remained on supportive care receiving IV fluids, pain medication and antibiotics. As Waters’ body slowly began to heal, the toll that the subzero temperatures had on his frail body became apparent. At first the lower section of Waters’ ear broke off and after a few weeks he needed to have his tail amputated. In the end, Waters gained 20 pounds and made a full recovery.

After much love and affection from TAF’s Medical & Rescue Director and the staff at Unleashed Pups and Animal Ark and HEAL Veterinary Clinics, Waters transformed into a well rounded wonderful, loving, and trusting dog.

After many applications from loving families, TAF chose the one that we thought would be the perfect fit for Waters.

The family’s last dog was special needs and recently passed away. They are long time TAF followers and felt a connection to Waters. With twin 3-year-old boys, they wanted a dog that could integrate into their family and enjoy all the fun things that happen on a daily basis. Waters was in love with them from the first minute, and a handful of treats later, there was no doubt he was going to be their new best buddy. 

From Waters new dad: "I wanted to let you know how appreciative we are for the opportunity to adopt Waters. He hasn't left my side and gets so excited to see the boys. He is such a gentle, caring and loving dog, it's truly a shame that he had to go through what he did. He's safe now and there will be nothing but love, adventure and treats in his future.”

Here’s to second chances Waters… may you live happily ever after!

(Waters’ owner was never prosecuted.)