If the photo on the left doesn't make your heart ache just a little, I am not sure what will… if you look closely you will see Tully lying in a pile of garbage in top right corner.

On March 5th, after living homeless on the streets of Chicago for over two years, Tully was finally lured into a kind Chicago Policewoman’s car and brought to safety.

Tully did not come from a part of town that most people would choose to drive through, let alone walk through. The poverty level is high and many times it is every man for himself. Some good people made it a point to throw Tully food when they could, while others took her puppies for their own gain. In many of these depressed economic areas, suffering is an everyday occurrence and it is truly hard to fathom what goes on.

Calling Tully a survivor would be an understatement. Not only did she battle brutal sub-zero winters, Tully rallied and made it through some pretty serious medical emergencies.

When Tully first came to us, her stomach was 3x’s larger than it should be and she was suffering from pancreatitis. She also had an infection in her uterus and a lime-sized tumor on her ovary that needed to be removed. If it would have ruptured when she was out on the streets, she most assuredly would have died. To make matters even worse, when there was the Canine Influenza Virus outbreak in Chicago, she contracted it and was hospitalized for weeks. The poor girl couldn’t catch a break and it almost cost Tully her life. It would take almost two months of medical attention for Tully to make a full recovery.

It took Tully awhile to fully come out of her shell but after she learned to trust again, the world around her opened up and she saw things in a different light. She was happy and knew that she was loved.

Now for the best news ever…TAF couldn’t be happier to announce that after almost 7 months in our care, Tully has found her forever home! Tully no longer lives in a crime ridden neighborhood but a quiet suburb of Chicago with a new mom that absolutely adores her. It is truly surreal to think that this might be the first home that Tully has ever had in her life. 

When it was time for Tully to leave us, she walked straight over to her new mom and jumped into her car. There were no ifs ands or buts… she was ready to start her new life and drive off into the sunset.