Whether you thought that he looked like Dobby from the Harry Potter movies or Falcor from The Neverending Story… there was no denying that Terry’s sad face captured the hearts of many. 

When TAF came across Terry at an open access shelter, he was so shut down and frightened that it would take almost an hour before he’d allow us to pet him. The fear and loneliness in his eyes spoke volumes and shed some light on the emotional obstacles that lie ahead for Terry.

It would take a couple of weeks with TAF’s therapy dogs, Miller, Antler and Hazel Grace for Terry to start to open up to new things. Terry chose to follow the littlest of the three, Hazel Grace, around and he copied her behavior. After about 2 weeks, Terry picked up a toy for the first time and sought Hazel Grace out to play with him. It was this friendship that allowed other people to be introduced to Terry. If Terry saw that Hazel Grace was allowing somebody to pet her, Terry would slowly but surely follow suit.

This leads us to Terry’s happily ever after… 

TAF received many wonderful adoption applications for Terry but one, in particular, was the best fit for our “go slow” pup. It was from a loving couple that had no children, lived in a quiet neighborhood and had no reservations about what needed to be done to give Terry his storybook ending. Besides happiness, TAF’s main goal was to make sure that Terry was not set up to fail.

We are happy to announce that Terry’s adoption is a huge success and his new family adores him! Terry loves to play catch in his new backyard and to sun bathe on the deck. He sleeps in bed with his new mom and dad and even finds time to hang out with his two cat siblings. 

Terry is so beyond lucky to have found his very own family that understands that, like us, some emotional scars take a little longer to heal… this is an absolute gift to a shelter dog and we will be forever grateful!