TAF would like to introduce you to another beautiful girl that we sponsored.

Poor Stacia was brought into an open access facility with 5 other Dogos that were all inbred by a backyard breeder. Stacia was the mother to the other 5 and it was apparent that her sole purpose was to breed. Stacia would immediately assume the position to be mounted when one of the male dogs approached her. I was disgusted as I witnessed her broken spirit and her willingness to succumb to whatever was expected of her by the other dogs.

Due to medical complications, Stacia was one of the three Dogos that survived and with the help of Project Rescue Chicago, we were able to pull her from the facility.

After some rehabilitation, medical attention and training, this terrified gentle giant finally received her second chance and has been placed in a loving home with a mom that would move heaven and earth to make her happy and feel loved.  

Taking a chance on this lost soul was a decision that we will never regret.