Back in February, TAF came across a new momma and her 4 puppies at an open access shelter. Sparrow and her babies were being kept in a back room that was used to house cats. Since Sparrow was scared, undersocialized and had newborn puppies, this was the best place for her in the facility. When the day came that TAF had the financial means to responsibly bring the whole family into our care, we pulled them and the rest is history.

Following the aviary theme, we named Sparrow’s female puppy Robin. Robin was the smallest of the 4 and she had a recessed eye. Sparrow’s three boys were named Avis, Lark and Byrd. All pups were healthy and thrived under the loving care of their mom.

As days turned into weeks, it was so heart-warming to watch the puppies grow and explore. When Sparrow was due for a much needed puppy break, TAF's Canine Rehabilitation Team member Antler would lend a paw and "puppy sit" for Sparrow. 

It was around this time that Sparrow and her puppies all became ill from the Canine Influenza Virus outbreak in Chicago. Sadly, the entire family had to be hospitalized until they were healthy enough to be placed into foster homes. (All 4 puppies went into one foster home… thanks Jen!) Once given the thumbs up to be neutered and spayed, Robin, Lark, Byrd, and Avis went in for surgery. While under, Robin had enucleation surgery (eye removal) on her recessed eye to prevent complications in the future. After making a full recovery, all the puppies were officially adopted into their forever homes!

During this time, Sparrow came back to hang out with us and TAF’s Canine Rehabilitation Team. This gave us the opportunity to get to know Sparrow better and work on some of her insecurities… we did not want to set her up for failure. Sparrow thrived when given the chance to play with CRT’s Rylan and Jose, along with some of TAF’s adoptable pups like Scuttle. 

Once given a second chance to find happiness, Sparrow blossomed into a trusting girl that welcomed in new people and new surroundings. When the day came that the perfect adoption application was sent in, TAF went out to a quiet suburb of Chicago and did a home visit. Upon meeting the family and seeing where Sparrow could spend the rest of her life, it was clear that she was in the right place… a giant fenced in yard, kids, a small dog and great parents. It was the perfect fit!

When we left Sparrow that day, it was with a big smile on her face… it was the first day of her happily ever after.