On June 10th, an emaciated female puppy was found unresponsive in an alley right on the asphalt. At first it was assumed that she was dead but the officer that picked her up realized that she still was still breathing. In critical condition, Sophia was brought to the vet in hopes of giving her a fighting chance. It was a long shot but they had to try. When Sophia reached the vet, her blood glucose level was so low that it didn’t even register. It would take Dextrose and IV fluids for Sophia to regain consciousness.

Once Sophia was considered stable, she was impounded at Animal Control where she continued to receive IV fluids and be syringe fed. When TAF was asked to save Sophia, we had no idea that she was no more than 8-10 weeks old. It was not until arriving at Animal Control that we fully realized the gravity of the situation. When brought to her cage, all that you could see was a kitty litter box a towel and some blankets. Sophia was so small that she disappeared into the background. It wasn’t until I picked her lifeless body up that I realized Sophia was skin and bones under all of that fluff. She needed immediate critical care and time was of the essence. Sophia would go on to be hospitalized in the ICU at the ER vet for the next 5 days.

Once considered stable she was transferred back into our care. In the weeks to follow, it was a constant battle to get Sophia to eat and at one point we thought we were going to lose her. There were a lot of sleepless nights, trips to the vet and many prayers to get Sophia through the worst of it. The VIP through all of this was TAF’s momma therapy dog Antler. Antler kept Sophia warm and watched over her until she was ready to venture out on her own. When Antler needed a break, she would call in our giant puppy Eeyore to babysit for her.

At one point during all of this, a very special woman offered her help in nurturing Sophia back to health. When Sophia needed round the clock care, it was impossible for her foster mom to provide it. This is when Linda came in to help. Linda eventually took over the majority of Sophia’s continued care and made sure that she made it to every vet appointment, etc. Needless to say, Sophia quickly bonded with Linda. Linda never left Sophia’s side and made sure that Sophia had constant companionship. Now after 3 months, we are so happy to announce that Sophia has made a full recovery and found her forever home. Linda is now Sophia’s new mom. Sophia’s story of survival is nothing short of a miracle. This brave little puppy never gave up and with the help of Antler, Eeyore, Linda and an army of people supporting her... she got a second chance at a new life. Sophia had a lot of living left to do and was not ready to leave… The Rainbow Bridge just had to wait.