Sochill has not only found a forever home but he is helping his new brother to walk, again!

TAF came across Sochill at an open access shelter about a month ago... he was scared and required medical attention.

Once ready for adoption, many wonderful applications came in for Sochill. One application, in particular, caught our eye as it was a win win for all involved.  

Sochill's future brother had just had his second back surgery and, even with physical therapy, had lost his motivation to walk on his own. Knowing that he loved other dogs, his mom and dad sought out another little dog to encourage him and give him a reason to move around. 

When the family came to meet Sochill, he did not let anybody down. He went right over to his new brother and sat right next to him. After Sochill gave his brother a nudge, they both started to walk around together. In that moment, Sochill had already started to pay it forward. He not only won over the hearts of his new mom and dad but he let his new brother know that there was a big world out there that they could see together... sometimes a little nudge is all the encouragement that you need.