Over the past week, TAF has been working with Animal Control to get this 13 year old dog help.

We are unable to disclose all of the information, due to legal reasons, but here is a brief synopsis.

Snuffy, as named on his microchip, was taken from a crime scene. After the water company alerted authorities that an inhabited residence did not have running water in over a year, police were sent for a welfare check. Upon arriving at the home, police would uncover one of the worst hoarding cases to date.
With garbage piled up to the ceiling, and blocking the doors, the only way to enter the home was through a window.

Once in, amongst some pretty unimaginable things, the officers saw Snuffy. A senior dog encased in his own urine-soaked fur. With puss filled eyes and matted fur obstructing his view, Snuffy had little to no vision.

Jumping forward to when Animal Control reached out for help, TAF went to meet him. With a microchip dating Snuffy back to 2008, we knew that there might be years of neglect underneath all that matted fur. We hoped for the best but expected the worst.

The car ride to the vet was one of the worst ones to date. Even though Snuffy was in a crate, the smell coming from his body was atrocious. There could be no relief by opening the windows because we were driving though unsafe areas. Instead, you were forced to have the smell of ammonia burn your eyes, nose and throat. Knowing that the urine on his body might not be limited to that of a dog… you gagged just a little bit more.

Snuffy has already been to TAF’s vet. He was sedated to have his matted fur shaved off. He also started treatment to address his eye infections and urine burns. Since one can only guess how long it has been since Snuffy left the inside of his home, we had an extensive senior blood panel performed and vaccinations.

A big thank you to Dr. Moser at Companion Animal Hospital Wicker Park for dropping everything to provide Snuffy with emergency medical care. Once again, you stepped up when we needed help and we cannot thank you enough.

Snuffy met his new sister and mom and is on to his happily ever after!