Little Senior Skeeter Found His Forever Home!

Early in July, TAF came across a little senior pup while walking through Animal Control. Cowering in the corner of his cage, Skeeter was scared and confused. How could he even begin to comprehend how he ended up there? Due do his horrendous teeth, Skeeter was repeatedly passed up by potential adopters and rescues. Everyone knew that his dental alone would cost close to $800. This did not include vaccinations, senior blood panel, microchip and neuter. Skeeter was going to be a big financial undertaking that could put a lot of people/rescues in the red.

Knowing that TAF has some pretty amazing supporters, we saved him that very same day. Skeeter would go on to spend the next few weeks at the vet fighting off an upper respiratory infection and preparing for surgery. Once he was all fixed up, he came back to us and was officially ready for adoption.

With that being said, we are so happy to announce that Skeeter has found his forever home! Skeeter has left the city for a quieter life in the suburbs. He is an only child and his new mom and dad adore him. Skeeter has yet to want for anything and is spoiled rotten. For a senior dog running out of time at Animal Control, you couldn’t have asked for a happier ending. Skeeter’s new mom and dad wanted to give a senior dog the best twilight years of their life and they are doing just that. Thanks to everyone that supported Skeeter and made it possible for us to give him a second chance!