BElieve that fairytale endings do exist!

For over two weeks, Shimmy had been scavenging outside trying to survive in the frigid temperatures. Luckily, this pup was spotted by one of TAF's friends & partners, Katie C., who set up cameras and a feeding station to learn his schedule and humanely trap him.

Luckily for Shimmy, Katie is good at what does and he was safely brought in for medical care and shelter.

Well, we are so happy to announce that after weeks in our care, Shimmy has a spot on the couch to call his own and a mom that adores him. No longer will he be eating out of a cardboard box in the middle of a snow filled field and sleeping in the dirt. He will literally and figuratively know the warmth of love and it doesn’t get much better than that.

Shimmy ‘s new mom is extra cool because she even brings Shimmy to work with her! Then, on the weekends, he goes to his grandparents’ house where he plays with their pups… such a happy ending for an incredibly deserving dog!