Last August, Royal was left behind in his home after his family was evicted. It would take some time before neighbors realized that he was fending for himself and called for help.

It was then that TAF took Royal into our program and provided him medical care for a secondary skin infection, etc.

When Royal was neutered, he had a post-operative complication from his pain medication that led to hematuria. This meant that Royal was urinating blood. Once we ruled out clotting disorders, Royal was started on antibiotics and alternative pain medications. It took awhile to get his system back on track but he made a full recovery.

Well, we are so happy to announce that after rehabilitation and some really good medical care, Royal has found his new forever home!

Royal’s new dad is no stranger to heartache, either. He just suffered the loss of his beloved dog and didn’t even know if he could ever open his heart to another dog, again.  

As fate would have it, Royal happened to be going on a walk when his future dad saw him from afar. Even though he did not meet Royal that day, he never forgot about him. Later phone calls would lead to their introduction and the rest is history… two hearts mended through adoption.