On 5/12/17, TAF was contacted about a female dog that was in pretty bad shape and needed medical attention. Rosie had been brought into an open access shelter suffering from advanced skin issues that ranged from mange, secondary skin infections and yeast infections. She was painfully thin and so raw and itchy skin that she was living her life in misery.

It would take four months of non-stop medical care (both traditional and holistic), supplements, medicated baths, a special diet and a lot of TLC before we started to see a change in Rosie.

As all of her skin issues were playing out, it was impossible not to be a bit alarmed that Rosie was not putting on more weight. When Rosie initially came into our care, X-rays were taken and everything looked all right. Since Rosie had never vomited or showed any signs of abdominal/intestinal distress, we assumed everything was ok. When it came time for Rosie to be spayed, her doctor noticed an odd thickness in her intestines. An ultrasound was performed and it was discovered that Rosie had prongs of a plastic rake, bigger than the average size of a pen, stuck in her intestines. It was nothing short of a miracle that the rake didn’t perforate through Rosie’s intestines or abdominal wall. To put things in perspective, Rosie was brought in on May 12th and her abdominal surgery was on August 31st.

After a month of rehabilitation and relaxation, we are so happy to announce that Rosie has found her forever home! In fact, she has found it with another TAF alumna… Alma! Alma’s mom and dad initially came to adopt Clara but Alma decided it wasn’t a good fit. When we brought Rosie out to meet Alma it was love at first sight. The two instantly hit it off and Alma’s mom and dad knew that Alma had just chosen her new sister. Two rescue dogs that survived unthinkable abuses now share a mom and dad that love them unconditionally and would do anything for them… life will be good. TAF would like to thank everybody that donated towards Rosie’s medical care and kept her in their thoughts and prayers!