We have some great news to announce tonight… our senior Rosie has found her forever home! It was late November when TAF ran into this sickly senior at an open access shelter. As I walked past the dog-filled cages, I was brought to my knees when I spotted Rosie’s sweet grey muzzle and droopy eyes… they may as well have been playing that Sarah McLachlan song in the background. (The photo on the left is from the day that we took Rosie into our program.) We knew that the odds of Rosie making it out of the shelter would not be good since she was not only a senior but heartworm positive, too. Knowing that we had to find a rescue that we could count on for taking Rosie to doctor visits, etc., TAF asked Project Rescue Chicago if they could take Rosie into their program. PRC agreed and placed Rosie into an amazing foster home with a woman that, without a doubt, ultimately saved her life. You see… not soon after going into her foster home, Rosie became very ill with pneumonia and had to be hospitalized for 8 days. At times, we did not know if Rosie was going to make it and all we could do, at that point, was pray for the best. The pneumonia, coupled with Rosie’s age and advanced heartworm diagnosis, made her fate seem grim. Luckily, TAF was able to ensure that Rosie received the best medical care possible and after months of rehabilitation and heartworm treatments, Rosie has made a full recovery. Now to the good part… Rosie’s new family! TAF is never involved in the adoption process but sometimes, when an adoption application is really sweet, rescues will share them with us. Rosie’s adoption application just happened to be one of those applications. Rosie’s new dad had this to say about his best friend that had recently passed, “Katy lived with us for the best four years of my life. She was an eight-year-old female Basset Hound who succumbed to cancer last October. We were together 24/7 with exception of a six hour stint one week night were my wife stayed home with her.” To think that Rosie will be spending the rest of her days with a family that has this much love to give is simply remarkable. I am sure that Rosie will never take the place of her family’s departed Katy but I think that she would sure like to try. The smile on Rosie’s face, when she meets her new parents, truly says it all… pure joy. A big thank you to PRC and Rosie’s foster mom, Liz, for allowing her to be a part of your family for the last 5 months. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Trio Animal Foundation