Once given up because he couldn't compete with the new dog that had been added to his previous home… Rocco has found a new family that will care for him the rest of his life!

Here is a little back story…

While walking into the vet to drop off Rocco for his neuter, we ran into a woman who was immediately drawn to him. She asked his name and couldn't believe it was Rocco… she kept saying it was a "sign". After she left, the vet told us the woman and her family had just lost their beloved boxer to advanced cancer and they were devastated. It was a "sign" because, 11 years earlier, their boxer had been originally named Rocco by the rescue group that had taken him in. 

The family quickly filled out the adoption application and came to meet Rocco with their son and 19 year old Boston Terrier. 

Rocco was SO in love with the boy, was over the moon for the parents, and was intrigued by his fragile but hearty new Boston terrier sister. Tears were shed as the family talked of their boxer who just passed but also because Rocco is just the thing to help heal their broken hearts.