When TAF came across Nutmeg at an open access shelter, he looked so sad in his cage.

TAF reached out to our supporters for help to bring Nutmeg into our program. In the Christmas spirit, that is just what these wonderful people did. Whether it was by financial support or by sharing Nutmeg’s post, we were able to draw enough attention to his story and Nutmeg was saved.

After being neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and a couple days of boarding, Nutmeg came to stay with us. It wouldn’t take too long before he grabbed a family’s attention.

Nutmeg's new family had recently started looking for a nice, easy going small male to be a companion to their puppymill rescue girl Kelly. Her last buddy passed away about a month ago and Kelly had been lost without him. 

When Kelly and her dad came in the room she was so nervous and cautious about everything. The second Nutmeg walked in her tail went up, she was smiling and you could tell she knew she was meeting her new best friend. 

They hopped onto their dad’s lap and posed for the photo before all but racing out the door… undoubtedly, Nutmeg was ready to start his new life!