With A Little Help From His Friends, A Broken Dog Finds Happiness…

On December 13th, TAF posted a video of one of the most terrified dogs that we have ever seen at an open access shelter. Numbers was plastered to the ground, shaking in fear and completely shutting down. We had to carry him out to the car, as he was so petrified he wouldn't walk.

For the next few months, Numbers worked hard on learning to trust people and just enjoy life as ever dog should.With the help of TAF’s therapy dog Antler, our brave boy was able to let down his guard and welcome love back into his heart.

With that being said, we are so happy to announce that Numbers has found his forever home! No more hectic city life for Numbers… he is leaving for Chicago and moving to a quiet suburb of Indiana. Numbers will now have his own fenced in backyard and a mom and dad to spoil him rotten. If that beautiful smile on his face says anything… Numbers knows that he is safe, loved and just got his second chance at a new life.