On November 25, 2016, TAF pulled this senior guy from an open access shelter. He was quiet and came to the front of his cage when he heard up walking down the aisle. Nick was smart because he knew well enough to stick his grey muzzle through the bars of his cage and lick Bridgid, TAF’s Medical & Rescue Director, as she walked by. Needless to say, his show of affection sealed the deal and he was leaving with us.

Soon thereafter, Nick would start showing signs of kennel cough, which turned into an upper respiratory infection. Run down from the stress of the open access shelter, it took Nick a little longer to recover than we had hoped. Once 100% healthy and feeling himself, Nick had a bit more “personality” than we had previously thought. It would take some time of working with Nick to figure out what made him happy so that we didn’t set him up for failure. 

With that, we are thrilled to announce that Nick has found his forever home with a mom that adores him! Nick’s mom is understanding of his reservations towards some people and dogs and continues to work to make him feel comfortable. It takes a really good person to rescue a dog that needs emotional support and understands that they are a product of their previous life… Nick is a very lucky boy with a very cool mom!