This past summer, a senior pup named Mugsy came into our care. He was a snarky little fellow with a tough personality to read. At times Mugsy was bossy, pushy and a bit of a bully with dogs. Other times, he was right in step with his dog friends and happy to be in their company. He was a confused little man with a lot of nervous energy. Mugsy had been in a shelter environment for so long that he didn’t know if he was coming or going… so long in a cage that Mugsy simply forgot what it meant to be happy, loved and safe.

It has been a while since Mugsy had a staycation with TAF’S rescue dogs so some of the specific details are a bit fuzzy. However, this I can tell you.When the day came to meet Mugsy possible adopters, we knew that it was a long shot. With his personality quirks, he was a hard sell. We knew that his forever family had to be the unicorn adopters that all people in animal rescues wish for. Luckily for Mugsy, all of the planets aligned, a rainbow appeared, a bed of four leafed clovers sprouted up and the mother of all mother unicorns appeared. The most perfect family in the whole world stepped up and welcomed Mugsy into their home with open arms.

Mugsy’s new moms not only understood that he was a work in progress but were so forgiving of some naughty behavior. They let him learn how to be a dog, again, and held his paw through the process.

Just in case, we held off on posting Mugsy’s adoption. Knowing that social media can be pretty brutal, we wanted to make sure that everything worked out.

This post is long overdo but we are thrilled to officially announce that Mugsy has found his forever home! I cannot reiterate enough how blessed this senior dog is finding his new family. To say that his moms, and new brother, are beyond amazing would be the understatement of the year. Side note, can you just look at the happy smiles on their faces? Even Mugsy’s new brother is smiling. (His new brother might actually be one of the cutest dogs that we have ever seen… that smile!)

Cheers to Mugsy and his new family this New Year’s Eve. We raise our glasses to honor a truly stellar couple that has given a once forgotten dog a second chance. What a great way to ring in the new year!

TAF would like to thank our generous supporters for making stories like Mugsy's possible. This does not just include financial support. For a dog like Mugsy, social media shares plays an integral part in raising awareness and finding forever homes. In addition to this, we have to thank The Moon Dog Farm for helping to foster Mugsy when he first came into our care. Once Mugsy went through isolation at MDF, he was able to make his way to be with TAF'S therapy dogs. After some much needed socialization, our boy was ready for adoption.