Guess who found her forever home... Mocha!

When Mocha first came to our attention, she was tied to a fence with a note pinned to her collar that simply said, "Mocha = can't afford".

Mocha had wounds that ran down her back... some open, some already scarred. 

Mocha was hospitalized on IV antibiotics and pain medication while her wounds were clipped/cleaned and she recovered from her infection.

Once we were able to earn Mocha's trust, she flourished and was finally ready for adoption. Even though the scars on her back will never go away, her emotional scarring has dissipated and, once again, love fills her heart. 

This brave little girl went through hell and back to find a family that will love her unconditionally and never turn their back on her. Her will to survive won her the ultimate prize... a second chance at a new beginning.
Trio Animal Foundation