This abused puppy came into our care after she was brought into an open access shelter suffering from severe eye trauma and infection. Poor Mistletoe had puss dripping from her eye socket when her twisted necrotic eye would pop in and out of place.

Once out of surgery, Mistletoe went into a wonderful foster home that cared for her until she was ready to be spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and have her face staples removed. While recovering from this second surgery, a friend of Mistletoe’s foster family fell in love with her and it was decided, by all that cared for her, that this was a wonderful match and would be the perfect forever home.

Project Rescue Chicago told us that there were so many amazing applications for Mistletoe but knowing that the family that cared for her during her recovery could still have an active role in her life sealed the deal on this adoption. Now Mistletoe has two families that will love her unconditionally. Better yet, this frees up a foster home for another needy dog at an open access shelter. 

Thank you to all of the generous TAF donors that helped to cover Mistletoe’s medical expenses! You all played a part in Mistletoe receiving the best medical care possible.

Trio Animal Foundation