We have some wonderful news… our little Micky has found his forever home!

In April, TAF came across an 8 year old scared Chihuahua quivering in his cage at an open access shelter. Micky’s family had just given him up because they were moving… they were all that he had ever known since he was 14 weeks old. It was truly heartbreaking to see and we just couldn’t leave him behind.

We knew that Micky had some obvious neglect issues, just by looking at the length of his nails and color of his teeth. Upon a more thorough vet exam, it was discovered that Micky needed to have 11 teeth pulled and that he had a nasty infection in his mouth that left his glands swollen. He was in pain and his eyes were constantly tearing up.

Once Micky went in for surgery, all of his medical conditions started to clear up and his mood drastically changed. Once he was no longer in pain and found comfort in a foster home, Micky started to come to life again. He played with the TAF therapy dogs and found a best friend in Hazel Grace. They even had matching tennis outfits!

When the time was right for Micky to move on, the most amazing forever home was waiting for him… a home with 3 other “littles” and a mom that already adored! One of his new siblings is even a TAF alumnus!

How incredible is it that Micky’s new mom has opened up her home to love and care for senior pups that have been left behind? Like all of our adopters, Micky’s new mom is a class act with a heart of gold!