It is going to be a very MERRY Christmas for one special puppy!

Once quivering in the corner of an open access shelter from fear, Merry is now in the loving arms of her new mom!

With the help of TAF’s therapy dogs Miller, Antler and Hazel Grace, Merry started to come out of her shell and trust people. When she didn’t want to come by you, all that you had to do is call over Hazel Grace and Merry would follow. It was then that she would crawl up next to you to have her neck rubbed. When it was time to eat, the same would apply. If you put her food bowl next to Miller, she would eat. If it were just you and Merry, she would not eat. 

It would take some time but with a little encouragement from her friends, Merry became more confident and learned that the world is not such a bad place.

Merry’s new mom is a lovely woman who lost her beloved 14 year old pup a year ago. Seriously questioning if she could ever go through that kind of pain again, it was Merry who opened up her heart and home again. This truly will be a Merry Christmas for the both of them!