TAF came across a young puppy at a shelter. She was too pathetic looking to leave behind and TAF loaded her up into our car when we left for the day. We got to know Melissan over the next few days, and had an appointment set to have her spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and prepped for adoption. However, three days after taking her from the shelter, Melissan stopped eating. She had diarrhea once, and we took her to the vet to be safe. Sadly, she tested positive for Parvovirus, and had a 50-50 chance of surviving. After two days of intense hospitalization, Melissan needed a blood transfusion. Our lead therapy dog Sophie bravely donated several cc's of her healthy, strong blood to our weak puppy. The next day, Melissan had bounced back and was on her way to recovery.

6 weeks later, Melissan was spayed and quickly adopted by a wonderful family who adores her!