Beating the Odds, Senior Maude Has Found Her Forever Home!

Back in July, TAF was contacted by an open access shelter about an underweight itty-bitty senior Chihuahua with a respiratory infection and a large abscess on the side on her face. The shelter had done all that they medically could for Maude and knew that she needed next level medical care. With the help of TAF’s supporters, we were able to pull Maude and bring her straight to the vet. There she had x-rays taken of her face to see if there were any obvious signs of trauma or an infected tooth. At that point, x-rays were inconclusive and it was decided to start Maude on antibiotics and see how it played out. Since she was so old and showed signs of heart disease, we honestly didn’t know how much she could take.

Once back in our care, an amazing foster home stepped up and offered to nurse Maude back to health. This family really took on a big commitment that might have ended sadly. As the days passed, Maude’s health started to deteriorate. Even though she had been on antibiotics, the infection on Maude’s face had spread to her sinuses. Knowing that we could no longer wait, Maude went in for emergency surgery. Once under, it was determined that an infected root was causing the abscess in Maude’s cheek to fester and needed to be taken out immediately. Well, Maude was one tough lady because her heart never wavered and she made it through surgery with flying colors. She had even begun eating that very same day. Once on the road to recovery, Maude was started on heart medication and really began to thrive. She even put on a pound! As you can imagine, after investing so much emotionally into this little 5 pound beauty, her foster home could not let her go.

So… we are so happy to announce that after 5 months, Maude has found her forever home! Of course, Maude had already chosen her family. We just made it official! A big thank you to Animal Welfare League for taking care of Maude and transferring her into our care. Also, to the people that donated towards Maude’s medical care and rallied for her. Lastly, a huge thank you to Maude’s foster/forever family. Because of you, this 10(+) year old senior will have the best twilight years ever… YAY for Maude