Back on the first of November, TAF picked up a matted, urine soaked, filthy dog from Animal Control. Maisey was a complete mess and we knew that we needed medical attention right away. Luckily for Maisey, TAF was able to rally the troops and have Maisey groomed, vetted and in for x-rays that very same day. Lab results would show that Maisey had very large bladder stones, advanced infections in both ears and bad teeth. Once started on pain medication and antibiotics, we were able to get Maisey ready for surgery. Maisey could finally have surgery to not only remove her painful bladder stones but also receive a dental. While still under anesthesia, Maisey’s doctor was better able to clean out her filthy and infected ears. Maisey was “fixed” from top to bottom.


After a very abbreviated explanation of all that Maisey went through, we are so happy to officially announce that she has been adopted!!! This once broken down dog has gotten her second chance. Maisey’s new mom absolutely adores her and it was love at first sight. Her new mom was super supportive and knew that it might take awhile for Maisey to stop having accidents in the house. Her mom knew that medically it might take Maisey a little longer to adjust and she was still 100% on board… she loved Maisey unconditionally. Maisey is so lucky and basically hit the mom lottery! *Maisey's adoption photo was taken prior to quarantine.