Livy was a breeding dog that was kept outside will the sole purpose to reproduce in order for her owner to make money. Long story short... Livy was rescued and brought to an open access shelter. After weeks of going unnoticed by rescues, Livy bought herself a reprieve, in what was to be her final day, when the shelter's manager reached out to TAF for help. It was then that TAF asked Project Rescue Chicago to step in and transfer Livy into their program. TAF paid for all of Livy's medical expenses and PRC took her into their care and found her a wonderful home.

Livy was able to find her miracle and was saved not once but twice. This beautiful girl was meant for great things and it just wasn't time for her to leave this earth. We expect that Livy will make her mark on this world and share the gift of love that has been bestowed on her... I think that her new mom would agree.

Trio Animal Foundation