On January 20, 2015 TAF pulled Lancaster from an open access shelter. The next day his vet called to let us know that Lancaster was running a high temperature and had bloody diarrhea. To be cautious, a parvo test was performed given his young age and symptoms, but thankfully that was negative. Lancaster was diagnosed with HGE (hemorrhagic gastroenteritis) which is a condition where the lining of the stomach leaks blood and fluid, and it's known to be more prevalent in small breed and young dogs. It can be a very dangerous condition and Lancaster was hospitalized on IV fluids and antibiotics for over a week before be cleared for discharge.

Soon after finishing up his antibiotics and medications for the HGE, Lancaster came down with a terrible upper respiratory infection that sent him back to the vet to be hospitalized for a few days on IV fluids and antibiotics.

Well… we are happy to announce that Lancaster has found his forever home this past weekend! His new mom adores him and will even be able to take Lancaster to work with her! This poor boy will never have to be alone, again... such a happy ending for a truly wonderful pair!

*The photo on left was taken at an open access shelter.