Back on 1/3/19, TAF received a call from an open access shelter asking for help. They had in their care a dog that had suffered such neglect that she had to have her front leg amputated. The matted fur that encased her body had such a vice grip around her front left leg that it actually caused it to rot. This life-saving surgery was performed while Lady was still at an open access shelter on 12/29/18.

Once she was stable for transport, Lady was transferred into our care and brought to the ER for next level medical care. With continued medical care, awesome pup friends and some love, Lady was up and running within a month! Amazingly enough, Lady bares no emotional scars. Someone loved and cared for her at one point and something must have gone terribly wrong.

With this brief history of Lady’s journey, we are so happy to announce that Lady has found her forever home! For this adoption, we went out to Lady’s future home to meet everyone. Lady’s new siblings are both seniors and we did not want to stress them out by making them go on a road trip. Upon entering Lady’s new home you could feel the love. Everything was set up for the comfort of senior dogs and it was simply awesome. I knew that she had just hit the jackpot. Every senior dog, or any dog for the matter, should be so lucky. Before saying goodbye to Lady, her new mom told me something that took me aback. She said that Lady would be renamed Tria in honor of my dog Trio… the special pup whose memory has gone on to save thousands of homeless animals lives. I was so moved by this gesture of kindness that I got goose bumps and teared up a bit. I knew at that moment that Tria was destined for great things. In an update from Tria’s mom she write, “You have no idea how fast a 3 legged little can run until she pushes past the baby gate because there might be food on the other side of the house.” It is updates like this that put a smile on your face. So happy for this little 3 legged wonder and excited for what her future holds.