In the early morning hours of 12/22/14, TAF was called over to the ER Vet after we received a call about a stray dog with a choke collar embedded under his arm, neck, and shoulder region. The dog had just been caught by a humane dog trap that was set up next to the railroad tracks where he had earlier been seen eating a mattress.

Kringle’s choke collar was so deeply embedded that you couldn’t see the chain on the back of his neck and in other areas. In fact, the doctors had to cut the chain off in pieces and pull it out from under the skin that had grown over it. The infected sections that were visible were so necrotic and ulcerated that they debrided the tissue in attempt to remove as much dead tissue and puss as possible.

Because the infections were so widespread and permeated so deeply into his tissue, the vet applied wet to dry bandages in an attempt to remove as much dead tissue as possible before Kringle was stable enough for surgery.

When everything was said and done, Kringle ended up with a drain coming out of his chest and stitches that ran under his armpit, leading up his side and around the whole back of his neck. He stayed at the specialty center for almost a week before coming back to TAF to recuperate. In that short period of time, it was amazing to see how happy, affectionate and playful this once forgotten pup had become.

We are very happy to report that Kringle has not only made a full recovery, but he also landed himself an amazing forever home! Kringle’s new mom and dad are enamored by him and adore everything about him. To sweeten the deal… Kringle’s new dad works from home so his new buddy is always at his side.

A big thank you to everyone that donated towards Kringle’s extensive medical bills… because of you, Kringle never went without.