On December 13th, TAF posted about a senior dog that had received some bad news. After beating all medical odds, Kingsley was diagnosed with early-stage bladder cancer. It was a fluke that we found out and a gift that we did. With medication, Kinsley’s medical team believes that he can live a full and happy life for the year to come.

When it came time to find a home willing to take in a senior dog diagnosed with cancer, hyperthyroid and potential bladder stone issues, we thought the odds were slim to none. Well, we are happy to tell everyone that there are some really kind people that stepped up and offered to see things through to the end with Kingsley… truly selfless people.

With that, we are thrilled to announce that Kingsley’s Christmas wish came true… he just found his forever home! A home that will help him thrive for the months to come and be by his side when the seasons change. It takes a special person to knowingly step into such a role and Kingsley is blessed to have found one. Well, there are actually two… Kingsley has a dad, too!

A happy ending like this is pretty unbelievable any time of the year. However, on Christmas Eve, it seems a lot more special. Kingsley has been given a chance to live happily ever after.

A big thank you to everyone that helped to sponsor Kingsley’s medical bills. Also, to Dr. Moser at Companion Animal Hospital Wicker Park for taking Kingsley under her wing. If it wasn’t for you trusting your gut and going above and beyond during surgery, Kingsley’s outcome would be very different. TAF would also like to thank The Moon Dog Farm for fostering Kingsley and nursing him back to health. You always have our back and we really appreciate it. Finally, there really aren’t any words that can accurately describe how grateful we are to Kinsley’s new family. You have given hope to so many people and remind us all that there are still a whole lot of good people in this world.