On October 28th, TAF received a call from Animal Control asking to help save a female Shih Tzu suffering from a terrible injury. Ten pounds underweight and writhing in pain, 70% of Kiki’s tail had been severed from her body. The tissue at the end of her tail was already necrotic and puss leaked through. In fact, the infection was so bad that the exposed bone was soft. Once in our care, Kiki would go on to have emergency surgery to have the necrotic tissue and the last bone of her tail amputated. With a very high white blood cell count, Kiki was started on antibiotics and it was now up to her immune system to kick in.
To all of our surprise, Kiki had a pep in her step almost immediately after her surgery. We were absolutely delighted. It was at this point that Kiki also found her voice and turned into a velcro dog. Kiki was not shy to let you know that she was not a fan of her kennel or your absence. Worried that the stress would affect her recovery, we thought it best that Kiki go straight into her forever home. Kiki was one of the lucky homeless pups that received many amazing adoption applications. Knowing that Kiki’s emotional triggers might set her up for failure in an apartment or condo, we opted for homes where some barking would not disturb the neighbors. One application in particular really stood out. A home where Kiki would have 100% of her mom’s attention during recovery all the while keeping her neighbors happy. With that being said, we are so happy to officially announce that Kiki has found her forever home! With her new mom by her side, Kiki is waggin’ her new little nubbin tail all around her yard and into her happily ever after. Kiki’s new mom loves her so much and we can’t thank her enough for being so understanding of Kiki’s emotional needs and taking such amazing care of her. That is one lucky little pup! TAF would like to thank the people that donated towards Kiki’s medical care. We really appreciate it! Also, to The Moon Dog Farm for making sure that Kiki was good to go before going to her new mom’s house. As always, we think that you are great!