TAF came across this stressed out girl at our last volunteer day at a local open access shelter. Poor Jolene was an owner surrender and she was really struggling in the shelter environment. If you take a look at the bottom left photo, you can see the tufts of fur that were falling off of Jolene’s coat due to stress. 

Luckily for Jolene, Project Rescue Chicago and TAF agreed that this scared pooch needed to get out of the facility ASAP. Within days, Jolene was out of the shelter, being treated at the vet and into a wonderful PRC foster home.

As you can see in Jolene’s photo with her new mom, she is happy as could be and her coat looks beautiful. Jolene’s life has taken a 180-degree turn and she has received the coveted second chance that so many rescue dogs will never get.

TAF would like to wish Jolene and her new mom all of the happiness in the world and we look forward to receiving updates on all of their adventures together!