FROM RAGS TO RICHES… HOLLAND THE WONDER DOG! On September 27th, Holland was dropped off at an open access shelter in deplorable condition. Knowing that she needed immediate medical attention, TAF was called and we acted right away. Once in our care, we worked on trying to free Holland from the vice like matted fur that encased her body. The width of the matted fur on her legs was over 2-3 inches thick. A shell like casing of matted fur covered most of her back and it looked like an exoskeleton from behind. Holland’s matted ears dragged the ground and were at least 6 inches long… they should have been more like 2. The wet matted tendrils on her face wreaked and she rubbed her face incessantly trying to itch her irritated skin. For over two hours we tried to cut off some of the matted fur that enveloped Holland’s body. Grooming scissors could only cut through the very thinnest layers of dreadlocks around her eyes and face… we might as well have been using a child’s safety scissors. At this point, Holland was exhausted and beginning to get stressed. At this point, we arranged to have her sedated for a surgical groom at the vet. This was the only safe way to free her from the prison of her own fur.

Amazingly enough, Holland had no major health issues besides trauma to her skin. She was bruised, had cuts in many areas and some of her skin actually started to split because it was so thin from lack of cell turnover and circulation. Because of her new shape, Holland had a difficult time walking at first and she was in a tremendous amount of pain. She was started on antibiotics and pain medication to help keep her comfortable and heal from the inside out.

Once healthy, we had to focus on Holland’s emotional stability. The lack of human contact and socialization, in her prior life, had greatly affected Holland. It would take TAF’s therapy dog, Miller, to eventually bring her out of her shell and bring a smile to her face… she was mentored by the best.

After weeks of TLC, medical treatments and emotional rehabilitation, we are so happy to announce that Holland has found her forever home! Holland immediately bonded with her new mom and dad and they were head over heels for her… just look at the smile on her face! For that matter, look at the smile on all of their faces! TAF would like to thank everybody that donated towards Holland’s medical care and kept her in their thoughts and prayers… this is a win for everyone!