When TAF came across 1 year old Japanese Chin, Holiday, at an open access shelter he was beyond miserable. His owner had just left him, and his one eye was full of purulent fluid. We rushed him right to the vet where it was determined he had a congenital eye issue known as Microphthalmia where the eyeball is tiny, underdeveloped and non-functional. In order to prevent ongoing infections and discomfort, the only treatment was enucleation, or removal of the affected eyeball.

Holiday did very well through the surgery and recovered nicely. We were thrilled to receive an application from a family who already had a Japanese Chin and was familiar with the breed. They came to meet him and it was a perfect match. Holiday will have his sutures removed early next week, and we are happy our sweet boy was able to get into a home with a family who will love, cherish and care for him for the rest of his life!

Thank you to the people who donated towards Holiday's surgery and made it possible for him to find immediate relief and his forever home by Christmas!