TAF first came across this senior while we were taking photos of the animals at a local open access shelter. Handzus’s owners had given him up and the sadness that consumed him was more than evident. We knew that this big boy would not have much time, at the rate that he was shutting down.

TAF asked Project Rescue Chicago if they would consider pulling Handzus into their adoption program and they agreed. 

After all of the results came back from the lab, Handzus was neutered, vaccinated and good to go.

Soon thereafter, Handzus’s new mom and dad saw his photo on facebook and fell in love with him.

We are happy to say that Handzus now has 4 dog siblings and lives on hundreds of acres of land with barns, horses… the whole nine yards. Handzus is no longer sleeping on the cold hard floor of a shelter cage but on a big comfy sofa receiving constant attention and companionship.

TAF is so happy that we were able to be a part of changing this senior’s life.

A big thank you to all of the people that donated towards the Handzus's medical bills. Because of you, he was able to receive the best medical care possible!

This is a video of when we met him at the shelter:

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