spending Christmas in her new forever home!

When TAF first met Gwen at Animal Control, we were told that she had been impounded in a deplorable state. Gwen was so infested with fleas that she was actually bleeding. She was dangerously close to being emaciated and she was terrified. We were actually called to help because the shelter environment was getting the best of Gwen and she had stopped eating.

Once we took Gwen into our care, she was taken to the vet by the next morning. After staying the day receiving medical treatment, Gwen went into foster care at The Moon Dog Farm. There she was nurtured, hand fed and given every opportunity to thrive. When she was feeling especially lonely, Gwen was able to score a place in the bed next to her foster dad.

Knowing that Gwen was bonding so quickly to her new foster family, we thought it best if we could find a forever home willing to continue with her medical care. This way Gwen could bond with them as she continued to healed.

Wouldn’t you know it as soon as we posted about Gwen and her medical needs, a special family stepped up to adopt her. Even though they knew Gwen wasn’t 100% they welcomed her with open arms. Their selfless act of kindness was going to forever change a homeless dog’s life and give the ultimate gift of a forever home... what extraordinary people. Gwen is a very lucky little girl.