In September, Grommit was found wandering the streets of Chicago in deplorable condition. When he was picked up, his fur was falling out from a flea infestation, his mouth was swollen from infection and his teeth were falling out. In fact, Grommit lost 8 of his rotting teeth and in the end only three teeth remained. The poor guy looked like he never had a good day his whole life.

Once healthy and back in our care, Grommit would just wander around the room with a forlorn look on is face. He never sought attention or demanded anything… he just looked lost. One can only imagine what was going on in this senior boy’s mind.

With the help of social media, a loving woman came forward to see if Grommit would like to be part of her family. 

When Grommit met his new mom, he instantly fell in love with her. He kept giving her kisses and all but ran out the door when he was leaving us for his forever home. He is one lucky little guy and we couldn’t be happier for him and his mom.