On December 12th, TAF was contacted by an open access shelter about an emaciated Shih Tzu that had been hit by a car. Upon bringing Greenly to the ER Vet, x-rays showed that she had multiple pelvic fractures and soft tissue damage.

By her 2nd week of hospitalization, Greenly had actually lost a pound. Since she had been on a high caloric diet, this was quite alarming. For an emaciated dog, losing a pound is a pretty big deal. Greenly’s vet performed an ultrasound to make sure there wasn't something more significant going on in her digestive tract, and thankfully nothing unusual was detected. However, her intestines were much thicker than normal. This was a potential indicator of IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) or other malabsorption disorders. Greenly was started on a different diet and given a round of antibiotics. Within 2 weeks two weeks of her new diet, Greenly was already up 1.5 pounds and was doing great. When it came to Greenly’s teeth, they looked pretty out of sorts as her bottom front teeth angled out of her mouth. We were so worried that they would need to be pulled but x-rays would show that there was no overcrowding or other concerns under her gumline. They simply needed to be cleaned and she was good to go.

After 6 weeks of hospitalization Greenly was finally able to leave the vet and went into a foster home. Even though people were interested in adopting Greenly, she was a fear biter and needed some emotional rehabilitation. After learning Greenly’s triggers, we knew we had to place her in a home that would be understanding of her limitations and be willing to work with her.

Luckily, there was the perfect home waiting for her. The home was a loving home that had adopted an injured and emotionally scarred dog from TAF years prior. Many of you might remember Edward. Edward was found with his front paw smashed and split open. He tail was also broken. After going in for emergency surgery, Edward’s leg and tail needed to be amputated. Edward’s physical recovery was challenging but his emotional recovery was far worse. It would take weeks of working with TAF’s therapy dogs to improve his behavior. Because we suspected there was a chance of him being a fear biter, we knew with the right family had to be found. When the time came for Greenly to meet her future mom, she was not on her best behavior. When Greenly is uncertain of people, she is a fear biter. As you can imagine, this does not make a good first impression. However, we knew that if Greenly’s future mom could observe how she acted with her foster mom, it just might work… and it did. With that being said, we are so happy to announce that Greenly has officially been adopted!

Greenly’s new mom is amazing and is 100% on board with taking it slow with Greenly and providing her with a special prescription diet for here IBD. Better yet, Greenly now has a new brother and the two should help each other boost their confidence. These two are both so lucky to have a mom who is so committed to not setting them up to fail and for loving them unconditionally. She is truly a wonderful woman. TAF would like to thank everybody that helped to sponsor Greenly’s medical bills. Without you, we couldn’t have saved her and given Greenly a second chance at a new life.