On June 23rd, TAF was called about a maggot infested dog suffering from 100s of bite wounds and chemical inflicted burns on her face, head, neck and upper torso. 

There were so many pockets of maggots burrowing through her skin that they made at least 5 gaping holes resembling bullet wounds. There must have been over 100 maggots under her skin.

(GRAPHIC VIDEO of the night Flora was found. https://www.facebook.com/TrioAnimalFoundation/videos/10150537659494955/?theater )

Touching the scabs that were forming over the numerous bite wounds on Flora’s back and inner/outer thighs really helped to paint a picture of the living hell that Flora had been through. The wounds on her back end look like she was trying to get away and another dog was pulling her back with their teeth. This in addition to injuries on the rest of her body makes it look like she was being pulled in two different directions… simply horrific and sadistic.

Flora would go on to be hospitalized for over 5 weeks receiving painstaking intensive medical care. Once given medical clearance, Flora was transferred back into our care where we worked on her emotional well being. After months of training and positive reinforcement, Flora blossomed into a loving dog that trusted people implicitly. That, in and of itself, was a miracle.

Well, here is where Flora’s happy ending begins… Flora met a very special couple over the weekend. They had recently lost their beloved best friend and were smitten with our squishy faced girl. Flora warmed up to them immediately and showed off her toys, her goofy personality, and then plopped down for some belly rubs. It was then that we realized that our girl would be leaving us for her forever home.

We had tears in our eyes as she jumped in her mom and dad’s car and drove away...it's always hard to let the pups go, especially when they have suffered and been through so much. But we do everything we can to get them healthy, healed and ready for life. It feels like a momma bird setting her babies free from their nest! 

We couldn't be prouder of what we accomplished with Flora. The financial support from our donors and Flora’s medical team at Heal allowed Flora to receive the absolute best medical care possible and for that we will forever be grateful. From the moment Flora came into our care… she has known nothing but love. 

One night Flora went to bed with a dream and woke up finding her happily ever after. I guess that sometimes in order to find a rainbow you have to experience the rain.