UNBELIEVABLE NEWS... TAF sponsored Faye has found her forever home!!!

TAF found Faye sick and miserable at a TAF volunteer day, a few months ago, at a local open access shelter. Project Rescue Chicago found a foster home for Faye and TAF sponsored her medical care. Faye was hospitalized for 8 days with severe pneumonia, on IV fluids and antibiotics and received breathing treatments several times a day. Three weeks after she was released from the hospital, Faye was finally healthy enough to get spayed and was ready for adoption. 

Faye's new family fell in love with her merle coat and expressive eyes...and made the trip from the far northwest burbs to meet her with their two male dogs (not in the photo.) All three dogs got along very well, and will surely enjoy their 2 acre yard for playtime. The little girl (3) in the family was thrilled! Faye is so petite at 35 pounds that she was just the right size to sleep with the little girl in her room. She actually cried the first time they left without Faye, and could barely contain herself when they came back to pick her up! 

We are so happy that we took a chance on Faye and that our volunteers and facebook friends spread the word about her story... thank you to all!

It just goes to show you, when people work together great things can happen. In this case, a second chance was given and happiness now resonates in one lucky family.