On June 20th, TAF received a plea for help from Animal Control. A senior dog needing extensive medical care had just been impounded and would be euthanized if we couldn’t save him.

Upon meeting Elton, it was quickly discovered that he had a severe hernia and needed emergency medical attention. Within 24 hours, TAF had Elton in for surgery to repair his perianal hernia that caused his intestine to go through the body wall. It looked like Elton had a tangerine underneath the skin next to his tail. In the weeks to come, Elton went in for a second surgery to tack his stomach and intestine to his body wall. This was to ensure that nothing like that ever happened again. To complete Elton’s makeover, he underwent one last surgery to have a full dental and have any rotten teeth removed. Elton’s surgeries were all spit up due to the amount of time he would need to be under anesthesia.

After months of extensive rehabilitation, Elton was finally ready to find his forever home. His journey was a long one but well worth the wait.

With that, we are so happy to announce that Elton has found his forever home! Elton’s new mom and dad are over the moon for him. He is the light of their life and they absolutely adore him. Their updates are heartwarming and it is so wonderful to see our senior boy living his best life. A huge thank you to Elton’s new mom and dad for adopting a senior dog that has had a hard long life. You are really good people.

TAF would also like to thank everyone that donated towards Elton’s medical care. Elton is alive because of you. Also, TAF would like to thank the Moon Dog Farm for fostering Elton and helping to get him through his recovery.

So many people played a part in giving Elton a second chance and we are grateful for all of you!