TAF came across Eloise on a trip to AWL's intake facility with Project Rescue Chicago. She was slated to be euthanized but we begged them to give us a few days to raise money to help her.

Trio Animal Foundation

Eloise was urinating blood and trying to urinate often but with little to no success. The vets needed to do an ultrasound and urinalysis to see exactly what is going on. We assumed that she had a urinary tract infection and very possibly bladder stones. She also had an upper respiratory infection that required x-rays to ensure that it is not pneumonia. She also desperately needed a dental and a full senior blood panel to ensure that she had no pre-existing conditions before going under for surgery. 

Trio Animal Foundation

Luckily, TAF raised enough money to take her into our program and PRC agreed to take her.

Once she received medication and her initial ultrasound, Eloise was starting to show signs of improvement. Sadly, her health dramatically crashed and she was very very sick with pneumonia. She was hospitalized for 10 days at the vet on IV fluids and antibiotics until she could finally shake the illness.

Fast forward several months...after living in a wonderful foster home, Eloise met her perfect new mom and was adopted! She now is showered in love and affection and will never be without again. 

THANK YOU to all our supporters who helped TAF save Eloise...she deserved it! Trio Animal Foundation