WONDERFUL NEWS… TAF sponsored Eleanor has found her forever home!!!

Here is Eleanor’s amazing story of survival:

The Trio Animal Foundation was contacted about a female dog that was just found in a CLOSED garbage can, in Chicago, by a man throwing out his trash. Somebody had to have dropped her in there because there is no way that she could have made it into such a high and sturdy trash bin on her own.

To make things worse, this underweight and dehydrated girl must have delivered puppies not too long ago because her milk ducts are still engorged with milk and they are infected. It is anybody’s guess what happened to her babies.

While at the vet, Eleanor took a turn for the worse and had to go in for emergency surgery. An earlier ultrasound confirmed that Eleanor had severe mastitis, which is the infection and clogging of her milk ducts.

An engorged breast is a mild form of mastitis. However, if left untreated, can lead to gangrene mastitis. The skin turns black and dies; leaving a huge hole that will drain pus-blood. Even though we started Eleanor on antibiotics and applied warm compresses to her chest as soon as she came into our care, her weakened immune system could not fight off the infection and it has progressed.

As a result, Eleanor had to have one of her breasts removed as the infection had taken over. The infected tissue was already becoming necrotic and the tissue was dying. Because of this, Eleanor’s mammary gland had ulcerated, she was bleeding, had a high fever and in so much pain.

After Surgery, Eleanor stayed at the hospital where she received IV pain medications, fluids and antibiotics. 

TAF is so happy that our little girl found the perfect forever home and will now know what it feels like to be in a loving mom that will cherish her. 

A big thank you to Project Rescue Chicago for working with TAF and taking Eleanor into their program. Also, TAF would like to thank the generous donors who assisted TAF in paying Eleanor’s enormous medical bills. Together, we all saved this precious baby’s life.

Trio Animal Foundation