When TAF first came across our senior Edith at an open access shelter, she was suffering from advanced dental disease and had a terrible upper respiratory infection starting to brew. 

In the days to follow, Edith would be hospitalized and need to stay in the care of her medical team for the next two weeks. Between this and the surgery to cover her extensive dental work, Edith costs TAF a small fortune. However, having our senior girl make a full recovery was worth every penny.

Once Edith received the "all clear" from her medical team, she was ready for adoption. 

As fate would have it, Edith's future mom and dad have been long time TAF supporters, and had been waiting for the right little girl to join their home. When they saw Edith’s sweet little face, they fell in love with her and the rest is history. Edith’s new parents love her so much and will make sure that her twilight years are filled with happiness. Never again will she find herself alone at a shelter.