Found lying in the middle of the street with gunshot wounds in her left shoulder and hip, it was hard to believe that Eden was still alive.

After pulling back much of the dead tissue and dried blood around Eden’s shoulder wound, it was more gruesome than we had imagined. The wound was filled with maggots, her tendons and ligaments were exposed… you were able to touch her actual scapula (bone) with your finger. In addition to this, Eden was emaciated, dangerously dehydrated and the infected bullet wound in her left hip was already filled with purulent fluid and necrotic tissue. 

That night, Eden’s medical team stayed and worked on her for 4 hours after the office closed. After her emergency surgery, Eden’s belly filled up with gas and doubled in size. The gases produced from the rotting animal carcass she had eaten off the side of the road were too much for her body to handle. She was immediately transferred over to the ER Vet where she was put on supportive care. 

After weeks of hospitalization, a slow feeding regime, antibiotics, surgery, IV fluids and pain killers, Eden was able to make a full recovery. When it came time to work on Eden’s emotional healing, we enlisted TAF’s canine therapy dog, Rylan, to assist. Rylan helped to bring Eden out of her shell and taught her how to play and interact with people.

Now comes the time for the really good news… we are so happy to announce that Eden has made a full recovery and has found her forever home!!! Never again will she feel hunger pains or the cruelty of man. Eden will live out her days never questioning if she is loved or where her next meal is coming from. She will always know the warmth of a cozy bed and the comfort of her family’s love… quite possibly the best gift ever!