We have wonderful news... after hospitalization and weeks of medical care, Dearly has found her forever home!!!

When TAF first met Dearly, we were told that she was pregnant and we knew that we needed to get her out of the open access shelter. Our first priority was to get Dearly medical care for a nasty upper respiratory infection. Dearly was hospitalized to receive breathing treatments, fluids and antibiotics. When Dearly was feeling better, an ultrasound was performed to see how big her babies were getting. Sadly, the pregnancy was not viable, likely from the stress of being at the shelter and also from getting sick.

Once out of the hospital, Dearly perked up and her smile finally shined through.

This past weekend, Dearly went to visit her future forever home and it was love at first sight. Dearly's new mom and dad fell head over heals for her, as she did for them. Dearly will never be behind bars at an open access shelter again and will only know love the rest of her life. She has received her second chance. A big thank you to everyone that helped to sponsor Dearly's medical care!