On 8/16/17, TAF came across a little 4-pound injured senior pup at an open access shelter. Curtsy was estimated to be around 14 years old and had actually been dropped off at this particular open access shelter by another open access shelter in the city. In all honesty, due to the severity of her injuries, coupled with her age, it was realistic that she would have been humanely euthanized. Curtsy’s back leg was lame and was tucked almost underneath her. It looked like it might be an old injury or have been recently broken. In any case, it smelled and maggots were present underneath the matted fur that was wrapped so tightly around her leg like a vice grip. In addition to this, Curtsy’s teeth were so rotten that 2 actually fell out while her mouth was being examined. At this point, we thought that humane euthanasia would be the best option until we let her out of her cage. This little peanut started running around so fast that we could barely catch her. Maybe she knew her potential fate and wasn’t having it.

At this point, we agreed to take her to the ER Vet. We would have her fully evaluated and if it were deemed that she would have poor quality of life after treatment, than we would do what was most humane. Long story short, Curtsy was hospitalized at the ER Vet for days and her leg could be saved. Curtsy’s next big obstacle was a horribly infected mouth full of rotten teeth. After going in for surgery, she would end up having 18 teeth pulled. After this, her spirits lifted and it was obvious that her mouth had been more painful than her injured leg. Once her infections cleared up, she was like a whole different pup with a new lease on life.

With that being said, we are thrilled to announce that Curtsy has found the perfect forever home! Curtsy has her very own playmate and the two couldn’t be cuter together. Curtsy has the personality of one the Golden Girls and isn’t afraid to let her new family know when she wants to be held or wants anything else for that matter. TAF would like to thank Curtsy’s new family for giving a senior girl a chance to live out her twilight years in peace and happiness. She is going to know love until the very end of her beautiful little life. TAF would also like to thank everybody that donated towards Curtsy’s medical care and kept her in their thoughts and prayers. There is no way that Curtsy would have made it without you!