Back in November, TAF was contacted about a female puppy that had been brought into a local emergency room by a mentally unstable man who feared that he was going to kill her because she would not stop crying. Once the man was admitted to the hospital, the nurses were able to reach out to local animal rescues to see if they could help them get the puppy the medical attention that she needed.

Upon receiving the message about the injured puppy, now named Cranberry, TAF asked if she could be brought to the emergency vet and we would meet them there. X-rays have concluded that Cranberry has been crying because her front right leg is broken clear through and she has rear leg soft tissue trauma.

We are happy to announce that after two surgeries, Cranberry has made a full recovery and has found her forever home! Cranberry’s new mom and dad adore her and she Cranberry is head over heals for them and her new brother. After such a sad beginning to her life, Cranberry finally gets her happily ever after.